10 Undergraduate Social Work Degrees Online

If you're thinking about getting your social work degree online, it's important to know what schools offer what you're looking for. You can "attend class" from home, and you don't have to move to study through a faraway school. Plus, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the social work field is growing faster than other career options. Check out these ten great undergraduate programs available online.

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  1. Walden University has many different specialties across the breadth of sociology. Degrees include BS in Forensic Psychology, BS in Health Studies and BS in Public Health. Each of these offers many different concentrations, including Child Development, Disaster and Emergency Management, and Global Issues and Social Justice.
  2. Ashford University offers a BA in Sociology which combines theory and practice to help prepare you for a career in social services, including specializations like mental health and gerontology. There is an emphasis available in Political Science and Government, which would assist students looking for a career in the technical sectors of government.
  3. Kaplan University offers specialization in Human Services Administration, Gerontology, and Child and Family Welfare within its BS in Human Services degree. Kaplan teaches about cultural diversity and varied perspectives in its curriculum.
  4. Grand Canyon University is a Christian college based in Arizona. Their BS in Sociology program combines faith and science to offer a unique perspective on the field. There are a variety of courses covering topics like sexuality and minorities, so there is an opportunity to combine the religious knowledge you’ll gain with any number of topics you might wish to explore.
  5. Brandman University offers a BA in Sociology with an emphasis in Social Work. It helps prepare students for masters programs or careers in public agencies and law. In order to be admitted, you should have 12 transferable credits from a bachelors program. Graduation requires courses in liberal arts and statistics.
  6. Florida State University has a BS in Interdisciplinary Social Science. The specialized program helps prepare students for changes in their career field and teaches them how to solve problems in myriad situations. It has placed students in occupations from foreign service to cartography.
  7. Bellevue University has a variety of sociology degrees. There is a BS in Human and Social Services Administration, as well as Management of Human Resources and both BS and BA in Sociology. There are internship programs available for the sociology degrees.
  8. Humboldt State University’s BSW helps you get the experience you need to become an entry-level social work practitioner in Northern California, or a general professional elsewhere in the country. The focus is on rural populations. The university outlines several traits of a social worker which graduates will possess upon completion, stressing community, theory, and conduct.
  9. Saint Leo University offers a few degrees that might be useful to someone interested in social work, not least of which is the BA in Sociology. Core courses include math, economics, and religion, and major coursework covers anthropology, marriage, and race, among other things. The program is broad enough to help prepare students for whatever social work career they desire.

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