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Stony Brook University (SUNY) Masters in Social Work Programs

Stony Brook University is one of the many campuses of the State University of New York, known as SUNY. The University Medical Center is the home of the School of Social Welfare. The school of social welfare offers advanced degrees in the academic discipline of social work.

Masters in Social Work

Stony Brook University offers a Masters in Social Work degree program to qualified students at its University Medical Center. The school prepares its students for advanced social work practice. Students take classes in subjects such as social work in healthcare, health and social policy, advanced social work practice, psychopathology and psychopharmacology

Contact Information

  • Address: School of Social Welfare, 101 Nicolls Rd., Stony Brook, NY 11794

  • Phone Number: (631) 444-2138

Roberts Wesleyan University Masters in Social Work Programs

Roberts Wesleyan University offers classes to more than 1900 students every year. With a history dating back to 1866, the school continues to go into the 21st century. Through 11 different academic divisions, the school offers dozens of graduate and undergraduate degrees. Through the School of Social Work, the school offers advanced social work degree

Masters in Social Work

Students that enter the Masters in Social Work program at Roberts Wesleyan University can select from two concentration areas. The first one is child and family. The second one is mental health. This program runs over a two-year period was the first year based its foundational classes with the second one in concentration areas. Students take classes in areas such as social and cultural diversity, social welfare policy and services, justice values and ethics, mental health policy, and applied social work research.

Contact Information

  • Address: Division of Social Work, 2301 West Side Dr., Rochester, NY 14624

  • Phone Number: (585) 594-6410

Fordham University Masters in Social Work Programs

Fordham University has been a stronghold of academic excellence for over 150 years. Located just north of the city of New York, the college offers dozens of academic programs for students from around the country and around the world. Through the Graduate School of Social Service, the University offers advanced degrees in social work.

Masters in Social Work

Fordham University offers a Masters in Social Work through its Graduate School of Social Service to qualified students. Students take courses that cover topics such as social policy analysis, human behavior in a social environment, social justice, child abuse and family violence, death and dying, and psychological aspects of social work.

Contact Information

  • Address: Graduate School of Social Service, Westchester campus, West Harrison, NY 10604

  • Phone Number: (212) 636-6600

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