Baltimore, Maryland Masters in Social Work (MSW) Programs

Baltimore, Maryland Masters in Social Work (MSW) Programs - List of Schools

Baltimore, Maryland, makes up the northern half of larger Baltimore-Washington DC metropolitan area. The city is a major seaport with links into Chesapeake Bay and out into the Atlantic. The economy of the city sits with strong ties into the service industries of finance, business, and health care. It has several Fortune 500 companies.

  1. University of Maryland Baltimore School of Social Work offers qualified students the chance to earn an MSW degree. Students can select from quite a few concentrations including aging, families and children, mental health, health, and social action and community development. They take classes in subjects such as psychopathology, program management, community organization, and social welfare policy.

  2. Morgan State University School of Social Work provides students who meet their qualifications with the opportunity to get an MSW degree. The school offers concentrations in gerontology, school social work, public health, and urban children, youth, and families. Students take classes in subject like life-course development issues, urban economics and social welfare, chemical dependency, and clinical intervention.

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