Atlanta, Georgia Masters in Social Work (MSW) Programs

Atlanta, Georgia Masters in Social Work (MSW) Programs - List of Schools

While the population of Atlanta sits around 550,000 people, the surrounding communities make it a megalopolis of over 5 million people. The area shows continued explosive grow over the past couple of decades. People from around the world make their way there every year. There are a couple of universities offering you the chance at an MSW.

  1. Georgia State University College of Health and Human Services offers an MSW degree through its School of Social Work. Students can select from concentrations in general practice or community partnerships. They take classes on topics such as diversity and social justice, leadership and management, social work practice, and child welfare practice, policy, and research.

  2. Clark Atlanta University School of Social Work provides students with the chance to earn an MSW degree. The school offers students concentrations in child and family or health and mental services. Students will complete courses in social welfare policy, psychopathology, crisis intervention, psychosocial issues related to AIDS, and child abuse and neglect.

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